Customer Service is Still Key

Image Source: GovLoop

I went to Oklahoma City to visit my sister, Leslee, and brother-in-law, Stephen.  We ordered pizza from a Sophabellas.  Great pizza by the way.

Around the corner is another pizza place.  Stephen remarked, “Their pizza isn’t the best, but they have great customer service.  Sometimes we order from there because the owners are so nice.”

He brought up something important:  the customer experience is still key to success.  No one understood that more than Steve Jobs.  He created a strong brand with even stronger customer service.

Yet, not every company follows Jobs’ lead.

There are corporations that understand business, technology and market trends, but neglect the customer experience.

For example, here are two brands hemorrhaging customers:  Best Buy and the United States Postal Service.

Try to think about a time you went into a Best Buy and didn’t leave angry.   Think about your last trip to the USPS.  You probably stood in line for 20 minutes to wait for one miserable employee to greet you.

They’ve forgotten the customer.  Their competitors, Amazon and FedEx, haven’t

Apple doesn’t get it right 100 percent of the time, but they admit when they’re wrong.  If companies want to survive, they need to take a play out of Apple’s rulebook.

Although one company may have the best product, sometimes you buy the other pizza.

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